Banff/2017 Pipeline Workshop -
Exhibition Contest

Complete our Challenge and Win!

This year, the Banff/2017 Organizing Comittee is offering you the chance to win! Complete our challenge to win 2 nights at the Banff Centre, to be used anytime!

How Do You Enter?

  1. Read the Exhibitor questions posted below.
  2. Answer a minimum of 8 questions and write your answers on the card found on the back of your badge holder.
  3. Drop off your completed answer card, ensuring you’ve provided your name and contact number, at the Registration Desk (main floor) once you’ve filled in 8 answers.
  4. The draw will be held on Friday, April 7th and the lucky winner notified.
Exhibitor Question
SITE Resource Group What does SITE Resource Group feel the best way is to prevent ditch sloughing?
Stats Group What is the name of a piggable pipeline isolation tool that’s been used in Canada?
Canline Pipeline Solutions What is the max pull force of Canline’s largest pulling unit in lbs?
Midwest Surveys Inc How many Kilometres of big inch pipe has Midwest Surveys surveyed in Western Canada?
In-Line Pigging Solutions What are the three words that describe our operating motto?
MAXX North America Services Ltd. What are the 5 different service lines that make up MAXX North America’s “Turnkey Service” ?
WSP Canada What does WSP stand for?
Clarion Technical Conferences It is the ability to do something well.
Meridian Surveys Ltd. How many kms of pipeline construction has Meridian completed since 1990?
PII Pipeline Solutions According to PII’s track record, how many kilometres have we inspected in Canada as of December 2016? Here’s a clue, visit
Metegrity Inc. What product is the most powerful, easy to use mobile solution for pipeline construction data capture on all your projects?
Stress Engineering Services Canada Stress is?
Marler Integrity Inc. What anniversary is Marler celebrating this year?
NDT Global Inc. What type of defects does NDT Global's "Atlas UG" tool measure?
PureHM Technologies What new CP service and materials division did PureHM establish in January 2017?
Arnett & Burgess Pipeliners Ltd. Arnett & Burgess is celebrating a milestone anniversary in construction in 2017.  How many years have we been operating?
Cylo Technologies Inc. CyloPipe helps to enhance integrity analysis by matching and aligning completely unfiltered ILI data and placing it at each user's fingertips.  What is the highest record count for an ILI Tally within CyloPipe?
SECURE Energy Services What products and services does SECURE Energy Services provide to help its customers rectify their pipeline and/or facility issues?
Infrastructure Mapping and Autonomy Ltd. What does Infrastructure Mapping and Autonomy bring to LiDAR processing that no-one else in the industry can?
PureChem Services What is the name of PureChem Services’ two-part binary corrosion inhibitor? 
Pipetech What is the only Electrically Isolating Gasket that can be installed “prior” to and included in the Hydro Test? 
Mobiltex What is the best "corTalk" RMU for monitoring coupons?
C-FER Technologies What other vendor at the Banff Pipeline Workshop has incorporated reliability-based quantitative defect management into their ILI Mapping, Management and Assessment software?
Stantec Which of the following services does Stantec provide to the Pipeline industry? Integrity, Environmental Services, Geotechnical or Geomatics?
Badger Daylighting What services does Badger Daylighting provide?
Applus RTD What does DTI stand for in regards to RTD’s DTI TREKSCAN ILI Technology?
Rosen What new state of the art ILI technology has the resolution to allow pipeline operators to effectively manage pinhole corrosion?
Enduro One of the Enduro inspection tools are commonly referred to as the DfL tool, what does DfL stand for?
SPAN Consulting What is the best way to drive improvement in your business?
OneBRIDGE What is one component of machine learning that benefits the Industry?
Dynamic Risk What does IRAS stand for?